Flowering Time

Flowering time for indoor is counted from the day the 12/12 light cycle is started and is based on the standard 4 weeks vegetative time from seed. It can vary depending on style of grow (seed plants/clones, hydro/soil, etc.), the products used, and quality of plant care. Outdoor flowering is also influenced by the time of sowing, soil/nutrients/water quality, weather, and pests. 


Yield will vary in each individual grow because it depends on many factors that you influence: the size of your plants, light intensity, quality of plant care, cultivation style, products used, etc. Our max. yield is based on gr/m2 under 400W HPS/m2, organic soil cultivation with seeds and a 4 week vegetative time.


Aroma or taste is based on our results in organic soil cultivation. It can vary according to your style of grow, substrates, use of additional products (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and the drying/curing process. Avoid giving fish emulsion during flowering, using plant or bud boosters, and similar products.

Germination results will vary when pre-soaking seeds in water. Fresh seed stock can germinate under these conditions - but not always. Most often, only pre-germinating in moist paper tissue works for fresh seeds. But this is also not full-proof and should only be done if you have enough seeds to spare.

To prevent complications, and achieve the consistent level of high germination rates that you should be getting from our seeds, please trust our advice and follow our guidelines in the GERMINATION GUIDE. Customers who soak their Mandala seeds in water or wet paper tissue do so at their own risk. We are not accountable for any failure in germination or complications caused by this method. If you have any issues regarding germination please read our Germination Troubleshooting Guide carefully before contacting us.

Please read our Germination Guide before germinating your Mandala seeds. Due to the high quality and fresh stock of our seeds we advise against soaking the seeds in water or germinating in paper tissue. >> READ MORE

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Beyond the Brain


mostly sativa


Columbian Sativa/Haze x Satori P1 (parent line)






Crystal-clear cerebral high; expansive; active and social; energizing; transcendental. Especially valuable for creative and spiritually orientated persons and nature lovers.


Minty (sweet), thyme, some spice.

Medical use:

Excellent medical-grade marijuana for broad spectrum use. Great for experiencing a very clear, functional, motivational high with long-lasting potency along with the medical benefits.


Flowing Time Outdoors

Flowering time outdoor:

mid-October (south), end of October/November (greenhouse - north)

Flowering Time Indoors

Flowering time indoor:

70+ days

Recommended Light Intensity

Recommended light (HPS):


Yield (dry weight)

Yield (dry weight):

350-650 gr/m2; 800-1000 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground

Plant Height

Plant Height:



Detailed Description:


"I've never grown or smoked anything like this before, it has to be experienced to be believed and understood." (customer review)

Beyond the Brain is the definitive connoisseur high for the discerning cultivator. If you have tasted your share of sativa's and are searching for the purity that only exceptional genetics can offer then you will appreciate this strain. Let Beyond the Brain open your doors of perception to new realms of awareness!

Beyond the Brain thrives best under a good light source. We recommend the standard 400W-600 HPS/m2. This strain has the potential to deliver an amazing yield and requires the appropriate space to spread out. In hydroponics you can expect the biggest crops you have ever seen. It’s worthwhile to save one of these special females as a mother plant!

For indoor soil cultivation you basically only need to provide quality horticultural soil and the correct container size. Beyond the Brain will almost grow by herself and is a low-maintenance strain. If you extend the vegetative time beyond 4 weeks you may need to provide a mild feeding to top up nutrients in the soil in case you are not repotting soon. Experienced growers who are familiar with their soil brand and organic /mineral fertiliser will know what to do. If you are uncertain, simply "go with the flow" and repot your plants into fresh soil once they get root bound.

In the greenhouse Beyond the Brain can be planted in an SOG (sea of green) style if required. Outdoor this strain is a good choice for warm temperate, Mediterranean, and subtropical regions. Mold resistance is high.

Beyond the Brain provides a transcendental, expansive effect with no paranoia. A perfect sativa for all types of oil and resin extractions. Cured dry buds packed airtight in the freezer will also last indefinitely. For mid-term use keep your stash in a sealed container in the refrigerator to optimally preserve the potent quality and aroma. 

Product Features

  • cerebral & transcendental high
  • great potency
  • high mold resistance
  • valuable medical-grade marijuana
  • bumper crops (big pheno)

Product History

This is an independent grow report from a customer who purchased the first edition of Beyond the Brain from one of our resellers and grew it in a “bubbler”. We have kept the original wording but abbreviated the report for a shorter summary. The report is a good example of what to expect in potency and effect from BTB. It also describes the potential of the big pheno which turned out mega-big in hydroponics and flowered unusually long!

We would like to add that this grower was taking good care of his plants, checking for mistakes such as pH problems and solving them, and that he had high quality water at his disposal (a factor that certainly helps in achieving maximum yield).

Thank you "Bruno Kush" for sharing this extensive report!

Grow Report

Beyond the Brain











The big pheno started flowering late, but then she exploded and flowered like crazy for … 16 weeks to be exact. Beyond the Brain (big pheno) is the biggest plant I've ever had, she yielded  547 gr. (dry)!

She could have been even bigger, but I had a huge pH problem for 4 weeks so the pH was up to 6.8 no matter what I did – until I found the problem. I use a homemade 55L bubble bucket with 2 air-pumps and 4 stones. My pH problem was because two of the air-stones were made of calcium.

I only vegged the girls for 21 days (counting from the day they were put into the rock-wool) and only fed them Canna Aqua Flores A+B (EC 0.6-0.8), no booster, no PK 13/14. They were grown under 2 x 400W HPS cool-tubes in approx. 1 m2 tent. The aroma was really sweet and fruity. The big pheno had 7 main colas, one of which was almost as big as my head, two of which could hide behind a 1.5L coke bottle, so I am very pleased with my harvest and your seeds!

Smoke Report

Usually you have to choose between quality and quantity…  with Beyond the Brain you get both.

I have a high THC tolerance so I usually smoke 2-4 joints before I get the desired effect. The first weeks of smoking Beyond the Brain I only needed 1, which increased to 2 after a while, but is now down to 1 again. If I dare light up 3 joints within an hour I get totally "Beyond the Brain".

In a social setting I stay awake, but am extremely relaxed. My eyes look Chinese and a huge smile is planted on my face for as long as I keep smoking and two hours after my last joint. But this is the fun part: no matter how stoned and Chinese I look, my mind is crystal clear.

The effect takes a little time to kick in, but already after 3-4 inhales I notice something is happening. It's like a "tingling" sensation in the eyes and the back of the neck. After finishing the joint it only takes a few minutes before I feel the "something" intensify and spread throughout my brain and body. Lighting up another one and the effect comes as I smoke and keep on coming for the next 20-30 minutes where it reaches a peak which lasts for about 2-3 hours. Even though I look like I'm very, very relaxed and tired my mind is turbo-charged and crystal clear. This makes it ideal for meditation. Creativity increases, but you still have to "do your thing". I would say that Beyond the Brain makes it easier to enter and maintain "the zone" (if you know what I mean). I'd like to add that curing for 6 weeks really adds power to a very powerful Lady - perfect smell, perfect flavour, perfect high!

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