Flowering Time

Flowering time for indoor is counted from the day the 12/12 light cycle is started and is based on the standard 4 weeks vegetative time from seed. It can vary depending on style of grow (seed plants/clones, hydro/soil, etc.), the products used, and quality of plant care. Outdoor flowering is also influenced by the time of sowing, soil/nutrients/water quality, weather, and pests. 


Yield will vary in each individual grow because it depends on many factors that you influence: the size of your plants, light intensity, quality of plant care, cultivation style, products used, etc. Our max. yield is based on gr/m2 under 400W HPS/m2, organic soil cultivation with seeds and a 4 week vegetative time.


Aroma or taste is based on our results in organic soil cultivation. It can vary according to your style of grow, substrates, use of additional products (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and the drying/curing process. Avoid giving fish emulsion during flowering, using plant or bud boosters, and similar products.

Germination results will vary when pre-soaking seeds in water. Fresh seed stock can germinate under these conditions - but not always. Most often, only pre-germinating in moist paper tissue works for fresh seeds. But this is also not full-proof and should only be done if you have enough seeds to spare.

To prevent complications, and achieve the consistent level of high germination rates that you should be getting from our seeds, please trust our advice and follow our guidelines in the GERMINATION GUIDE. Customers who soak their Mandala seeds in water or wet paper tissue do so at their own risk. We are not accountable for any failure in germination or complications caused by this method. If you have any issues regarding germination please read our Germination Troubleshooting Guide carefully before contacting us.

Please read our Germination Guide before germinating your Mandala seeds. Due to the high quality and fresh stock of our seeds we advise against soaking the seeds in water or germinating in paper tissue. >> READ MORE

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Satori - feminized edition











cerebral high and strong potency, uplifting, clear, creative, focused, very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people. Recommended for experienced smokers and if you have a high THC tolerance. Persons not used to highly psychoactive sativas should be cautious with the dosage.


spicy, fruity, pungent, and exotic scents

Medical use:

for depression, anxiety, relieves symptoms of sensory motor neurologic disorders such as restless leg syndrome (RLS). Overall excellent medical-grade marijuana for broad spectrum use.


Flowing Time Outdoors

Flowering time outdoor:

end of September/early October (northern hemisphere)

Flowering Time Indoors

Flowering time indoor:

65-70 days

Recommended Light Intensity

Recommended light (HPS):

400-600W HPS/m2

Yield (dry weight)

Yield (dry weight):

550-600 gr/m2 indoor; >250 gr. per plant in greenhouse; 850-1200 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground

Plant Height

Plant Height:



Detailed Description:


Satori is one of the most sought after cannabis strains among Sativa connoiseurs since 2005. We are excited to introduce the feminized version, which was created from the original parent genetics.

The Satori feminized version retains the famous features of this amazing sativa: remarkable vigour, easy cultivation, compact and heavy buds, and the inspirational long-lasting psychoactive high. Growing Satori feminized seeds you will be surprised at her incredibly sized stems and leaves, fast root growth, dense buds and stout growth pattern - all of this just in soil. Satori is our signature “high-performance strain”, a description created by our seed bank to describe the unparalleled power of this strain.

Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has impressive resilience against pests, and a good measure of mold resistance. Her slim appearance, with a long and broad central bud, makes it possible to plant in narrow rows, or in SOG, to maximize her typical high yields even more. One of the many outstanding characteristics of this strain is her heat resistance. Mature plants can tolerate up to 45°C, an important bonus for indoors, hot climate zones, and unusually warm/dry summers triggered by global warming.

The Satori feminized edition has two main phenotypes. There is the sativa-leaning type, which everyone is familiar with who has grown the regular seeds. The other type has dark green foliage with broader, thicker bud leaves, giving the plants an indica appearance. Tightly packed clusters of calyxes sit solidly in triangular form at the internodes and are often crowned by a pair of ivory white pistils, due to this shape we call it the ‘pagoda’ pheno.  Abundant resin sparkles throughout the flowering buds and leaves, providing not only the strongest psychoactive effect, but also best quality material for hash extractions.

Mandala strains are extremely efficient in nutrient uptake due to their hybrid vigor and require only low EC levels/fertilizing to develop huge leaf, stem and bud structure. Using quality soil and sufficient container sizes they can even be cultivated without extra fertilizer, which saves money and the stress of planning an ideal fertilizing schedule. Our seed bank is unique in optimizing strains for low maintenance soil cultivation. This means you can cultivate in soil and experience outstanding results usually only achieved in hydroponics with other marijuana varieties. Satori requires rich soil to support her fast growth. We recommend adding 10-15% worm manure to the soil. Choose a horticultural soil brand from your garden supply store with maximum N-P-K nutrients. The usual indoor vegetative time from seed is 4 weeks under HPS lamps. If you grow in Air-Pots the 5 or 7.5 liter size is perfect for the entire life cycle (3.5-5 liter for cuttings). Due to the extra boost in growth in Air-Pots soil quality is important and mild fertilizing to top up nutrients. Using a standard container you can grow in 4-5 liters until the plants are fully rooted, usually after 4+ weeks, and then replant into 8+ liters for flowering. This provides new space for root growth and fresh nutrients for healthy flowering and high yield. In hydroponics the vegetative time can be reduced to 3 weeks. To achieve maximum results the plants need enough light. You can start your Satori feminized seeds under low light such as 250W HPS, but for strong growth its best to switch to 400W after 2-3 weeks. During flowering 400-600W HPS/m2 ensures you get the most out of these exceptional genetics.

The mainly sweet & fruity-spicy aroma of Satori feminized is a real treat for the senses. The heavy buds are easy to manicure, and from the resinous leaves you can produce finest grade hash, comparable in quality to the famous Nepalese 'temple balls'. Satori offers tremendous value in opening up new perspectives and horizons in your perception of yourself and the world. It is a consciousness expanding medicine and releases an abundance of creativity. This is a strain that has far-reaching effects and can be used for many forms of personal growth and healing. The enlightening power of Satori is reflected in her name, which means ‘awakening’ or ‘True-Nature’. The high sets in quickly and is long-lasting, even with smaller doses. Daytime use gives you the energy, motivation and focus to be productive, while towards the evening the effects naturally settle into the body to support a restful sleep. We wish you an inspiring journey with Satori!


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