Flowering Time

Flowering time for indoor is counted from the day the 12/12 light cycle is started and is based on the standard 4 weeks vegetative time from seed. It can vary depending on style of grow (seed plants/clones, hydro/soil, etc.), the products used, and quality of plant care. Outdoor flowering is also influenced by the time of sowing, soil/nutrients/water quality, weather, and pests. 


Yield will vary in each individual grow because it depends on many factors that you influence: the size of your plants, light intensity, quality of plant care, cultivation style, products used, etc. Our max. yield is based on gr/m2 under 400W HPS/m2, organic soil cultivation with seeds and a 4 week vegetative time.


Aroma or taste is based on our results in organic soil cultivation. It can vary according to your style of grow, substrates, use of additional products (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and the drying/curing process. Avoid giving fish emulsion during flowering, using plant or bud boosters, and similar products.

Germination results will vary when pre-soaking seeds in water. Fresh seed stock can germinate under these conditions - but not always. Most often, only pre-germinating in moist paper tissue works for fresh seeds. But this is also not full-proof and should only be done if you have enough seeds to spare.

To prevent complications, and achieve the consistent level of high germination rates that you should be getting from our seeds, please trust our advice and follow our guidelines in the GERMINATION GUIDE. Customers who soak their Mandala seeds in water or wet paper tissue do so at their own risk. We are not accountable for any failure in germination or complications caused by this method. If you have any issues regarding germination please read our Germination Troubleshooting Guide carefully before contacting us.

Please read our Germination Guide before germinating your Mandala seeds. Due to the high quality and fresh stock of our seeds we advise against soaking the seeds in water or germinating in paper tissue. >> READ MORE

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Superlicious Sativa

Best Sativa!


mainly sativa


Satori (BG elite line) x Mountain Gold (1st edition)






cerebral, energetic, euphoric, uplifting, joyful, spiritual, creative, focused, long-lasting


sweet, candy, amber, spicy, mint, herbal

Medical use:

Broad spectrum use


Flowing Time Outdoors

Flowering time outdoor:


Flowering Time Indoors

Flowering time indoor:

70+ days

Recommended Light Intensity

Recommended light (HPS):

min. 400W HPS

Yield (dry weight)

Yield (dry weight):

>600 gr/m2; 1200-1400 gr. p.p. outdoor

Plant Height

Plant Height:



Detailed Description:


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When ancient Nepalese landrace genetics merge with the heirloom lineages of Oaxaca, Mexican and Hawaiian Sativa something magical is bound to happen. We call it 'diamonds from heaven', inspired by a major phenotype expression in Superlicious Sativa.

From our elite Satori lines the breeders have chosen a special  'candy & bubble gum' terpene profile for Superlicious Sativa. The pollen donor is Mountain Gold (1st edition), from which very dank and sticky plants have been selected. Our new connoisseur Sativa combines super yield with delicious terpenes, hence the name 'Superlicious'.

There are currently two phenotypes which stand out. A taller and a shorter plant, quite similar to the Satori line. Mountain Gold brings in more stretch to the hybrid, whereas Satori keeps internodal distance within limits for uncomplicated indoor cultivation. Due to the vigour of the plants they only need 1 month of vegetative time from seed. Under strong light this can even be reduced a few days. The taller 'Diamond' phenotype is featured among several of the strain photos. This is the plant to watch for if you want to take cuttings. The head bud can grow to a truly gigantic size and has monster yields indoor and outdoor!

Superlicious Sativa preserves the signature vigour of Mandala strains, as well as other outstanding characteristics such as nutrient efficiency in organic soil. The original Mountain Gold benefits from regular fertilizing, which means more plant care and expenses for the grower. So we are pleased that Satori has contributed her ease of care to this new hybrid and saves you work and money. Growth in organic soil with minimal intervention is phenomenal. The extreme heat and stress-resistance of Satori has been paired with more cold resilience. Although Sativa-dominant, this hybrid can thrive in many northern areas and finishes early October. During a warm autumn or in hot/sunny climates you can start harvesting end of September.

Resin output is absolutely extraordinary in Superlicious Sativa, with a large portion of the fan leaves also covered in trichomes like sparkling diamonds. After only 3 weeks flowering indoor you'll notice resin glands all over. This strain has excellent potential for high-quality extractions like rosin, BHO, ice-o-lator or hash oil.

Created for divine inspiration, our Superlicious Sativa blends super-potent genetics that will grace you with intuition, creativity, and a refreshing uplifting energy. A long-lasting high guarantees new levels of inspiration. This marijuana strain is ideal for all types of artistic projects, brainstorming, social adventures, inner clarity, spiritual insights, and for lifting you out of the blues. We consider this new variety, next to Satori and Beyond the Brain, a perfect herb for 'ganja yoga' or psychedelic journeying. 


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