Flowering Time

Flowering time for indoor is counted from the day the 12/12 light cycle is started and is based on the standard 4 weeks vegetative time from seed. It can vary depending on style of grow (seed plants/clones, hydro/soil, etc.), the products used, and quality of plant care. Outdoor flowering is also influenced by the time of sowing, soil/nutrients/water quality, weather, and pests. 


Yield will vary in each individual grow because it depends on many factors that you influence: the size of your plants, light intensity, quality of plant care, cultivation style, products used, etc. Our max. yield is based on gr/m2 under 400W HPS/m2, organic soil cultivation with seeds and a 4 week vegetative time.


Aroma or taste is based on our results in organic soil cultivation. It can vary according to your style of grow, substrates, use of additional products (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and the drying/curing process. Avoid giving fish emulsion during flowering, using plant or bud boosters, and similar products.

Germination results will vary when pre-soaking seeds in water. Fresh seed stock can germinate under these conditions - but not always. Most often, only pre-germinating in moist paper tissue works for fresh seeds. But this is also not full-proof and should only be done if you have enough seeds to spare.

To prevent complications, and achieve the consistent level of high germination rates that you should be getting from our seeds, please trust our advice and follow our guidelines in the GERMINATION GUIDE. Customers who soak their Mandala seeds in water or wet paper tissue do so at their own risk. We are not accountable for any failure in germination or complications caused by this method. If you have any issues regarding germination please read our Germination Troubleshooting Guide carefully before contacting us.

Please read our Germination Guide before germinating your Mandala seeds. Due to the high quality and fresh stock of our seeds we advise against soaking the seeds in water or germinating in paper tissue. >> READ MORE

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Speed Queen



mainly indica


Himachal Pradesh, North India x P1/J3






happy, expansive, functional, social, thought provoking, relaxing


spicy, fruity, pungent, earthy

Medical use:

can assist in chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism/arthritis, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, has relieved symptoms of fibromyalgia, good for loss of appetite


Flowing Time Outdoors

Flowering time outdoor:

September-early October (north)

Flowering Time Indoors

Flowering time indoor:

55 days

Recommended Light Intensity

Recommended light (HPS):

250-600W HPS/m2

Yield (dry weight)

Yield (dry weight):

350+ gr./m2 indoor; 850+ gr. outdoor in the ground

Plant Height

Plant Height:



Detailed Description:


Available exclusively in our online shop from 1. January 2022!

Speed Queen is probably the ultimate low-maintenance strain, and is much appreciated by breeders seeking robust fast flowering genetics, outdoor or guerrilla growers, and cultivators looking for easy plant care. One of our top ‘Hard-2-Kill’ marijuana varieties! This short and vigorous Indica, with the "Surfer's High", was a favourite among Mandala growers for 10+ years. We received many requests for a sequel and are delighted to welcome Speed Queen back into our catalogue due to popular demand.

Speed Queen impresses from the very start of seedling growth. The plants quickly develop fleshy, broad leaves and a treelike main stem with ultra-thick reinforced internodes. They continue to grow squat and broad, easily fitting into grow spaces where shorter plants are required, and are perfect for incognito balcony and outdoor cultivation. Below ground root growth is equally impressive, ensuring fast efficient nutrient absorption. Speed Queen grows extremely well in organic soil with minimal intervention/maintenance. When provided with rich soil and sufficient container size the plants can practically be left to themselves. The 3.5-5L Air-Pots are excellent from start to finish for indoor; close planting is possible to grow single-cola plants. This is not your typical strain for LST or SCROG methods due to the low stretch. But you can prune the top shoot early if you prefer multi-branch plants. For this purpose, a week or more extra growth time, beyond the usual 4 weeks, with a 20/4 light cycle is recommended for soil cultivation (unless you want to keep the plants quite short).

Named after her quick flowering and early finish, Speed Queen quickly produces resinous clusters of buds from top to bottom. Flowering can initiate almost automatically when the plants have reached a sufficient size, which is why we call her 'semi-automatic'. Therefore a light cycle of 20/4 during vegetative period is best if you are aiming for the full 4 week grow period. The grow tip also applies to cultivation under 'low light' (less than 400W/HPS per m2, or low wattage and non-professional LED lamps).

If you need short plants for the balcony, greenhouse, or outdoor, start them later in the season. Seeds can be germinated up to end of May-1st week of June (northern hemisphere). Alternatively, if you begin early in the season the plants can reach maximum size. What size that will be is, of course, relative to all external conditions they encounter such as nutrients, environment, pests. Due to her fast flowering Speed Queen is difficult to regenerate once buds develop. Therefore, be mindful of correct timing if you move cuttings or young plants from a longer indoor light cycle to outdoor. 

This almost indestructible strain is a great choice for guerrilla growing and windy areas. The plants are very storm proof due to the seemingly unbreakable stems and compact growth. Speed Queen’s toughness also shows in her heat & cold resistance and she is forgiving of plant care mistakes and recovers quickly. Outdoors in the north (46°N and higher) harvest time is generally until mid-October and plants can survive near freezing cold spells. In Mediterranean climates the harvest should be ready by end of September or earlier (northern hemisphere). For Australia it depends on when the seeds are planted, but a life cycle of 12+ weeks from germination is standard.

In breeding projects Speed Queen can be used to to revitalise fatigued genetics, shorten plant height and flowering times, and enhance stress resistance.

Of noteworthy mention is the medical potential of Speed Queen for chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism/arthritis, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite. In at least two cases known to us Speed Queen relieved symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The aroma ranges from delicious tangerine and citrus to spicy-skunky with minty undertones. The cerebral effects are thought provoking yet calming. A very good smoke for stress and anxiety relief, winding down, happy feelings and enjoying recreational activities – which is why we like to call it the "Surfers High".


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