Regular versus Feminised

Feminised strains are not a goose that lays golden eggs. They can have definite disadvantages over quality regular strains. From the perspective of the grower it's important to be aware of the drawbacks and limits of a strain. Now that we are offering a range of both feminised and regular seeds we have compiled a short guide with suggestions to assist you in making the right choice for your cultivation objective.

Our regular strains are especially recommended for:

  • Compassion clubs/medical growers requiring specific medical properties which our regular strains offer.
  • Growers that need long-lasting mother plants which provide quality cuttings fast and abundantly.
  • Novice growers who prefer a particularly stress-resistant strain that forgives mistakes.
  • Cultivations where major pH fluctuations are common.
  • All cultivations where multiple stress factors are to be expected.
  • Plants with extra fast growth and vigour (especially in soil).
  • Outdoor growers who take advantage of the strains we have specifically developed for various regions such as the northern hemisphere, the tropics, high humidity zones. Please consult the OUTDOOR GUIDE as well as the strain details.
  • Heat resistance. All our regular strains fulfill this purpose indoor/outdoor (the feminised strains primarily outdoor). More info in our MANDALA HEAT RESISTANCE GUIDE.
  • Benefiting from strain specific traits and qualities that you don't find in the feminised strain. Please consult the CATALOGUE and STRAIN GUIDE for more info's.

The Future

It is our objective to provide a high standard for the feminised strains to the best of our abilities. Our research and development into creating particularly robust feminised strains is ongoing. It currently leans towards enhancing the landrace percentage in our feminised hybrids to reinvigorate the genetic base.  

We continue to believe that quality regular strains remain a vital contribution to preserving the health, diversity and vigour of cannabis genetics long-term. Not all cannabis strains can or should be feminised (such as certain landraces, special purpose strains, etc.). The consequences of feminising cannabis have not even been scientifically evaluated. Nobody knows in which direction a global shift to feminisation will eventually lead. A balanced offer of both regular and feminised strains on the market would be the safest and most economical & ecological solution.

Regular seeds also fulfil the important task of self-empowering growers... something that we strongly support with our seed bank. If the supply of stable, non-modified genetics for long-lasting mother plants and private breeding projects continues to decline, it will make more and more growers dependant on commercial feminised produce. The tendency to endlessly recombine similar gene pools (and even re-feminise strains) for commercial seeds lies in stark contrast to the unique work being carried out by "grassroots" breeders developing their own exotic crosses from a wide variety of genetic sources.

Self-empowerment and preserving diversity is a combined vision that we would like to keep putting into action with your assistance. It is often just a question of investing a little more effort when you grow regular seeds if you want to remove the males. This relatively small "sacrifice" on your side is most often generously compensated by the rewards gained from the outstanding qualities that our regular strains offer. We hope you will join us as a protector of marijuana genetics by supporting our projects for the regular as well as the feminised strains.


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