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High Times Mandala Seeds Hall of Fame

HIGH TIMES (June, 2011)

Mandala Seeds in "Seed Bank Hall of Fame"






SKUNK (Breeder Diaries) Interview with Jasmin

Consumers love choice. Walk into any mega store and whether it’s salad dressing or dog food you’ll be bombarded by enough selection to make you buzz without ever lighting up that Haze. The same is true in the world of cannabis seeds, where industrious breeders are always trying to create or improve upon the next big thing. To some companies this means simply tweaking an old favorite or worse, smacking a new label on someone else’s hard work. For a select few it means a delicate balancing act between creating killer genetics at an affordable price, all while respecting the environment that gives up its prized bounty. No one better exemplifies this ideal than Jasmin from Mandala Seeds, an innovative company that has rapidly become the connoisseur pick anywhere their gear is offered. >> Read More


HIGH TIMES Interview with Mike and Jasmin

Tell me about Mandala Seeds history? To some of our readers you may appear to be new on the scene but that's not exactly the case right?

We are in business since 2004, and before that we gathered more than a decade of breeding experience which has flowed into the creation of our strains. I collected landrace seeds in the early 1980's from Mexico and Jamaica and had done breeding on my own before.   >> Read More



WEED WORLD Interview with Mike

Mike, what was it like to travel for so many years in places like India?

I guess traveling long distances, over oceans and continents, lies in our blood. Jasmin lived in South East Asia for many years before her family settled in Europe. Compared to that I was a slow starter. But once I left home I never looked back. When I met up with her in India I had already been scouting for cannabis seeds in North & South America and Jamaica. But India and, in certain respects, also Nepal really opened up my eyes to the enormous breeding potential of landrace cannabis.   >> Read More 


MILF: Marijuana I’d Love To Find - SATORI

Satori means “sustained enlightenment” in Japanese. It's a fitting name for this long-lasting, high-yielding, zesty-tasting Zen smoke. Exceptionally easy to grow compared to other plants, let alone other sativas. 

>> Read More


GRASS TIMES Interview with Mike

High Mike, since we are standing in this rather impressive greenhouse, surrounded by one thousand selected and seeded mother plants, would you like to tell us how everything began and developed up to this point?

As you know, I have been involved in cannabis breeding, in one way or the other, since more than two decades. Like most other people, I started small, and grew for my own private needs. After a while it developed to a small business...  >> Read More