We recommend that you purchase our seeds online from us directly at (shop is now open from December 2, 2020), or from the authorized dealers listed below.

If you see someone else offering our seeds contact us first to receive confirmation that it's a trusted site. Grow & head shops (walk-in stores) in the UK, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic sell Mandala Seeds. There are currently no shops in Amsterdam that carry our seed line.

We work with distributors who enjoy the best reputation in the industry for professional storage and service. Our resellers are supplied by us directly or through our distributors. Although we make an effort to identify any black sheep in the cannabis seeds market it is impossible for us to monitor resellers all the time. Customers should make sure that they receive their seeds in the original Mandala Seeds packaging to prevent fraud. We cannot guarantee authenticity for seeds that have been removed from the sealed Mandala Seeds packaging. When you purchase our seeds from a reseller you should receive 1st class seeds: mature, healthy colouring, with well-defined mottled skin. If you get seeds that are tiny, greenish/yellow, scuffed, or immature, these are not original Mandala Seeds!

Cannabis seeds are a live biological product. Resellers and customers are responsible for how they store and handle seeds. We do not replace seeds on an individual basis. Refunds are only processed officially via the distributor, in the event of a faulty or damaged shipment sent out to the distributor and subsequently sold to the reseller.

Chill-OMChill-OMPlease take note that we are not responsible for the sales & services offered by resellers. However, if you have any serious complaint regarding your purchase please contact us with a copy of your order transaction and reseller details so that we can investigate your complaint. The order must not be older than 2 months from date of purchase. Please also keep the packaging label with the packing date and inform us what the date is. If you received the seeds without the original packaging please let us know.

Most of our strains are sold with the new Mandala Seeds label. It conforms with the E.U. standard in product labelling and the seeds are also indicated as "souvenir" to comply with laws in certain countries.
The new label also shows the packing date which allows resellers and customers to keep track of the storage time of the seeds. Eventually all of our strains will be packed with the newly designed label.


We cannot guarantee that seeds purchased from these web shops are authentic or will be shipped. Customers buying seeds from these resellers do so at their own risk:

  • (Canada)
  • (Canada)
  • (site is online but out of business!)

Due to a number of customer complaints we strongly advise not to purchase single seeds at vendors.

Beware of seed vendors in Canada. There are no official Mandala resellers in Canada and we cannot guarantee authenticity.

Official shops and online retailers that sell Mandala Seeds:

Resellers in the UK

Resellers in Austria

Resellers in Spain

Resellers in the Czech Republic

Resellers in Russia & Ukraine

Resellers in Slovenia

Resellers in Holland

Resellers in Romania

Resellers in Italy

Resellers in Poland

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Resellers in the UK

Mandala Seeds are available in the UK at many Grow and Head shops! Enquire at your local shop for our strains!

Online UK Resellers





 (sales from Spain)




Sensible Seeds

Midweek Song

Ice Cannabis Seeds

Just Femininzed

Original Seeds Store


 Resellers in Austria/German language

Mandala Seeds are available in Austria at many Grow and Head shops! Enquire at your local shop for our strains or purchase online.  (Versand aus Spanien)


Goethestraße 6a
A-4020 Linz
Tel.: +43(0)732 602972

Stadtplatz 28
A-4600 Wels
Tel.: +43(0)7242/71081

Wiener Strasse 115
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
Tel.: +43(0)2622/20508

Canna Seed



united seedbank (Shipping from Spain)

Send A Seeds

Mr. Hanf


Resellers in Spain

Mandala Seeds are available in Spain at many Grow and Head shops! Enquire at your local shop for our strains.

Travelling to Barcelona?

Green Parrot Seeds
Carrer del Rosselló, 325
08037 Barcelona
Tel.: +34-934579107





L ‘Interior
C/Carme, 29
08001 Barcelona
(right in the centre by Las Ramblas)
Tel.: +34-934125073

Grow the Plant
Plaza Tetuan, 33 bajo
08010 Barcelona
Tel.: +34-932444181
(close by the Arc Triomf)

Sativa World
C/ Bonaire 19
08870 Sitges (Barcelona)
Tel.: +34-938111055

C/ Floridablanca No. 134, bajo
08011 Barcelona
Tel.: +34-935081545

Matrix Green
Paseo Fabra i Puig 476, Local 2
08042 Barcelona
Tel.: +34-934289131

La Huerta Grow Shop
Travessera de les Corts, 48
08903 L'Hospitalet de Llobegrat (Barcelona)
Tel.: +34-934484848

La Huerta





Bitox Grow Shop
Pasaje Rubio i Ors 87, Local 2,
08203 Sabadell (Barcelona)
Tel.: +34-937104812




Undergrow Barcelona
Avinguda Marques de Castellbell, 10
08032 Barcelona.
Tel: +34-934292761 / +34-691411495

Travelling to Madrid?

VIP Grow Shop
Alcalá 569
28022 Madrid

Vip Grow



Grow Shop Houseplant
C/ de la Palma, 42
28004 Madrid
Tel.: +34-915232383 



C/ Ribera de Curtidores
28005 Madrid

C/ Baro de Maials, 99 bajo
25005 Lleida

Avda. de Faro Sabinal, 242
04740 Roquetas del Mar, Almeria

Pza. Juan Sanchez Cortes, Bajo 1
06400 Don Benito, Caceres

C/ Espana, 6
21410 Isla Cristina, Huelva





Ganja Grow Shop
C/ Lope de Mena 13
San Pedro de Alcántara, Málaga
Tel.: +34-952799007





Mundo Ganja
Tel: +34-965144900

Chu Majek
Avda de la Constitución nº3
C.C. Tago Mago, comercial nº53
Los Llanos de Aridane,
La Palma, Canarias
Tel: +34-922460101




Alchimia Grow Shop
C/ Llevant, 32
Polígon Industrial Pont del Príncep
17469 Vilamalla, Girona
Tel: +34-972527248


Dr. Green Store
Apartado de Correo 190
11140 Conil, Cadíz

Grow Shop Tropical Hemp
C/ Camino las Cañas 26, bajo
18600 Motril, Granada
Tel: +34-958603087

Barely Grow
Camí Real, 27
46900 Torrente, Valencia





Burning Green
Avenida de las Monjas, 14
45910 Escalona, Toledo
Tel: +34-925 781 07

Green Planet Grow Shop
Ctra Benidorm - La nucia KM 1,5
Passeig Pla de Garaita, 13
03530 La Nucia, Alicante
Tel: +34-966 873 726

Ananda Grow Shop
C/ Nieto Bonal, 23
37007 Salamanca
Tel: +34-923 251 394

Nova SC Grow Shop
C/ Dictor Subiros, 14 
17709 Los Limits
La Jonquera
Tel: +34-972 555 166

Linda Semilla/Linda Seeds
6 Carrer Nou
25180 Alcarràs

Linda Seeds


 Resellers in the Czech Republic

B?lehradská 858/23
120 00 Praha 2

+ 42-0702598907


Bioplants s.r.o
Spitalka 70/16
602 00 Brno

My Garden
Bohunická 59
619 00 Brno

My Garden


Medical Seeds


 Resellers in Russia & Ukraine

Errors Seeds




Grower Seeds


White Bunker

High Genetics




Papa Seeds






Grower Syndicate



Resellers in Slovenia



 Resellers in Romania


Zona Verde    
str. Ceahlau nr. 81 ap. 1
400488 Cluj-Napoca


Zona Verde


 Resellers in Holland



 Resellers in Italy

Via San Donato 32-34 R
16123 Genova
+39-334 5282691


Giunone SNC
Via Leopardi Giacomo, 4/R
50141 Firenze
+39-339 5718016
+39-055 2466752


Resellers in Poland

MAR-DREW Marek Musiol
Klodnicka 97
41-706 Ruda Slaska





Revendedores em língua Portuguesa