Customer Reviews

   8 MILES HIGH was an absolute dream to grow... fat, greasy buds all around the main stalk. It smells like fresh strawberries with a nice hint of skunk. This bud has very nice bag appeal. Under the microscope it's trichome madness. I've grown a few different Mandala strains and they were all great. The descriptions on their website are incredibly accurate as well.



Holy shit was I ripped! I'm very happy with the potency of MANDALA #1. It gets you higher than a kite, but you can still function. I gotta say the potency and overall smoke ranks up there with the best that I've tried so far, it smells great & everyone loves it. All I can say, is that this strain kicks ass. 100% germ rate, can handle high heat (over 100°F), did'nt get any mold, hardly any pests, not much ferts - they are just hardy plants that pack a punch.


I'm so very happy with the quality of the seeds, the amazing quality of service, & grow guides with the valuable information. Very impressive!!!

I can't compliment you enough for the products and services you all provide. Bless you for your hard work, originality and integrity...


This is my 2nd time ordering

and was very pleased with


the SAFARI MIX were great.

I will definitely order again and

will spread the word to all.


I simply cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me this year. Your seeds are consistently the best product from any of the seed banks I have dealt with worldwide. It is evident the true love and passion Mike and his staff have for making the best possible medicine available.


I have really enjoyed growing

WHITE SATIN over the years...

but your GANESH is an absolute

masterpiece!!  Thank you for

providing growers with such

excellent genetics.

I'm a veteran and have been growing all sorts of marijuana since 30 years. I've got to say that I've never seen anything like your strains.

Mandala plants are simply out of this world! I have yet to find a Mandala strain that doesn't fulfill all of my expectations.


My 80+ year old mother and I

are Mm Caregivers here in

Montana. We LOVE all of your

strains!!! We conduct our

business with the same principles

as you. GREAT WEB SITE!!!!


Thanks for all your great products and help! I can hardly wait to start the new strains. I have had nothing but great results from ALL of your strains here in Florida and will continue until my old hands won't dig the dirt any more.


I have been absolutely amazed at the results of KALICHAKRA so far. Some of the most impressive buds I've grown. Clear & energetic! Get up & go buzz or kick back & get into what ever yer doin! Fantastic day time herb to get things done. Didn't get any raciness from smokin a little extra! I'd also like to give major props to Mandala Seeds for the support, encouragement, advice, and for just being there when and if needed.

I've lived in Amsterdam for many

years but SATORI and BEYOND THE

BRAIN is the best marijuana I

have ever had the pleasure to

enjoy. Amazing stuff!!!

I had a good experience with HASHBERRY. Extremely forgiving, sturdy, gorgeous plant with a strong couchlock stone. Got 2 different smellies, one was a really strong berry with skunk undertones, the other blackberry/hashy. During flowering there was a citrus/berry smell too. I like Mike's strains because you get so many smells and all are exotic. I have yet to get any generic smells or taste from Mandala (Satori, White Satin, Hashberry, and Sadhu).



To my surprise, the most vigorous and beautiful plants of those flowering were from the SAFARI MIX seeds I planted as an experiment. The plants have beautiful colas encompassing the entire plant. Whatever genetics were incorporated into the Safari's, they are healthy and very resinous! 


I'm looking forward to 

8 MILES HIGH... very happy with the

rest of your line that I have so far. 

SADHU is on the top of my list and

well received by the medical

community here in Oregon.


Mandala strains have a very unique smell and and that's why I like them. They are not like regular skunk smelling pot, but more profound with good growth characteristics and, most of all, splendid high effects. Subtle, happy, and tasty. Best wishes from the Czech Republic!


We had a cold season for outdoor growing in the northern U.S. in 2009 but the quality of your SADHU was excellent despite relatively poor weather conditions. There have been so many compliments about the MANDALA #1 I grew in summer 2008. That quality is primarily due to your hard work at Mandala Seeds because it was my first successful crop, so I must thank you!


Impéccable!! Merci a toute votre équipe, je vous ai choisis car vous faites un breeding de qualité, avec une philosophie des plus intelligentes (j'ai lu tout les articles, je vous tire mon chapeau).

Impecable! My thanks to the entire team, I have chosen you because of your quality of breeding and intelligent philosophy (I have read all of your articles and salute you).


What I most appreciate about your company is how you dispel so much of the misinformation out there that is commonly reinforced throughout so many other online forums. Your advice cuts through all the other BS and offers very practical, simple, and timely common sense from Mother Nature.


 HASHBERRY has a very good head-body buzz. While the potency isn’t out of this world, it is enough that I don’t have to keep re-dosing every hour. Hashberry nugs have the absolute biggest trichomes I have ever seen. The taste and smell is very close to its name (fruity-berry). One of my favorite features of this strain is the delicious after-taste. It lingers on your lips for quite some time after taking a toke. Great bud for vaporizers!



The smell and taste of SADHU are very different from anything I've ever grown. A real treat for the senses of sight, smell and taste.

Very relaxing finish to it, had a good nights sleep. Very nice, very flavorful, and very strong strain.